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From 3 team members to 3,000... estimate flight and hotel expenses for your next off-site in seconds.

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Key Features

We provide...

Cost estimates by location

Compare travel costs for multiple destinations, all at once.

Costs include price, time, and comfort. As each team has differing cost priorities, we calculate them all to help you make the best decision for you and your team.

Get team input

Avoid surprises: understand your team's travel preferences so that estimates are realistic and your team trip stays on-budget. (Maybe even under!)

Live pricing data

Flight times, carrier prices, purchasing methods, and individual travel habits can vary wildly… often on a day-by-day (or even hour-by-hour) basis.

Get up-to-date prices on flights and hotels for your entire team. Refresh data as needed.

Shareable reports

Reports, itineraries, and analyses you can use to justify choices to your boss and/or finance team…

Sometimes the most fun destinations can also be the most thrifty!

Limited Time Offer!

Alpha Pricing

As we're in alpha, our pricing is a la carte: just 29¢ for each origin-to-destination search.

For 10 people coming from 8 different places wanting to compare 10 potential destinations, [Team, Assemble!] searches through tens of thousands of flights and hotel offers to accurately estimate the costs of bringing everyone together.

In less than 3 minutes and for $2.32/person, you will save thousands of dollars, and hours of your time.

(Yes, really.)

Spring 2024 Launch Special:


Common Questions

What does Team, Assemble! do?

In short, we help you discover and compare the best places to bring your team by providing you an accurate estimate of the costs associated with doing so.

You supply a list of participants, some destination suggestions, feed the meter, and we do the rest. You get back an analysis of the travel costs, broken out by both destinations and participants.

How do I pay for the trip?

Up to you!

Our pricing data comes from a GDS that provides live pricing data for hundreds of airlines and hotel groups, which is identical (or near-identical) pricing you'll get from where you normally buy your tickets: direct from the airline, through an online travel agent (e.g., Google Flights, Expedia, etc.), or through your corporate travel system (e.g., Concur, Navan, etc.).

We provide the best itineraries based on the stated travel preferences of your participants, but the manner of booking is up to you (or them)!

If you'd like help managing or someone to do this for you, we can help facilitate. Once you've run your search, reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

How does Team, Assemble! make money?

We charge you based on the number of traveler-origins in your trip times the number of destinations you're considering. Not only can you save thousands of dollars in hard costs, but also hundreds of dollars in soft costs (and time!) associated with planning a team trip.

We use for payments and thus take all major credit, debit, and charge cards.

If you're running travel searches all day every day, we've got a Pro version in the works. Get in touch.

How long is the pricing good for?

Team, Assemble! retrieves the most recent price offers at the time of search and stores it for your reference.

Pricing may also change between when you run your search, and when you and/or your team finalizes the booking for your trip. (It usually, but not always, gets more expensive the closer it is to your trip.)

Should you need it, you can re-run searches to update your team trip estimates with the latest pricing.

How do I contact support?

Reach out to humans[at]

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