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What do I get for my


40% off Planning Credits

With this launch special, you will recieve 5,748 planning credits—enough to estimate more than five 100-person trips, or more than fifty 10-person trips... or however you want to use them.

Whether you have five, fifty, or five-hundred people, this launch special will (very very very likely) pay for itself ten times over when planning your very first offsite... say nothing of the hours you’ll save throughout the planning process.

(It will also save you from having to type in your payment information each time you want to estimate a trip... we’re working on it.)

60 minutes with our Founder

Of course, you don’t have to meet with him... the offer’s there if you want it.

Meeting with him with credits in-hand is the fastest way to ensure your feature requests are understood and prioritized to make your team travel planning easier. (Candidly, he’d love to hear from you either way, so do reach out!)

A Special Gift!

So special, we don’t know what it is yet.

Could be a desk toy, a hat, a sticker... whatever it is, it will be high-quality, useful, and beautiful. Our landfills don’t need any more commodity corporate merch—we can guarantee it won’t be that.

(Who doesn’t love high-quality startup swag?)

Can I try it first?

Of course! Head on back on our front page and you can try us with our a la carte launch pricing at 29¢ per planning credit.

Come back when you’re ready for a launch discount on planning credits.

Hurry before we change our minds

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